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Top Mobile App Development Trends

December 12, 2019

Smartphones have revolutionised the way we carry out our day to day tasks. From shopping, booking a cab, ordering food to organising important tasks, our Smartphone does it all for us. The use of mobile phones has become inevitable in our lives today.
Whether you're a business, start-up or mobile app developer, you need to be well versed with these mobile app development trends. Curious about learning new trends of iOS app development and mobile app development?

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning-dafabet娱乐场黄金网页版

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are considered the future of technology. AI and MI have transformed the way the machine interacts with humans. The increasing demand for virtual assistants will lead to an integration of AI into mobile apps.
dafabet娱乐场黄金网页版 Prominent examples of artificial intelligence (AI) in apps include Predicative text typing, Voice search, Recommendation, and behavioural targeting. iPhone's Siri is a smart digital voice assistant that uses artificial intelligence.

Mobile Payment Technology-dafabet娱乐场黄金网页版

E-commerce giants have made huge success in their business by launching personalised apps that allow users to shop from anywhere. M-commerce has been growing at an exceptional rate.
dafabet娱乐场黄金网页版 These online portals have safe payment gateways such as mobile wallets which allow financial transactions with ease.

Accelerated Mobile Pages-dafabet娱乐场黄金网页版

AMP launched by Google in collaboration with Twitter permits developers and publishers to create mobile-friendly, promptly loadable pages on Smartphones and tablets. AMP enhances the visibility of website content on search engines and boosts conversion rates.

IOT Trends-dafabet娱乐场黄金网页版

Now you can access all your devices with a tap on your Smartphone. Isn't that cool? Internet of Things is indeed the most popular mobile app development trends of recent times. Elite organisations are already incorporating this trend in their enterprise software systems. RFID sensors, smart homes, and wearables are a few successful applications of this technology.

App Security-dafabet娱乐场黄金网页版

Security has always been a prime concern for app developers. The internet is full of malware and potential security risk threats. App developers must address this serious concern like Wi-Fi interference, crypto-jacking attacks and most importantly data leakage. App security fixes security flaws and threats by enhancing the security of apps.

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